College Essays and 7 Quick Tips On Writing The Best


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College Essays and 7 Quick Tips On Writing The Best

Finding your voice can be a challenge, especially when most students’ school years are marked by a stifling of their creativity. When students’ focus falls strictly on how high their grades are, there is a strong possibility of having their authentic voices censored or even silenced. However, they will be surprised to find out that college will gradually motivate them to showcase their uniqueness. 

In this article, we’re going to discuss college essays and what it is that makes them so important to the admissions offices. Together we’ll uncover the 7 best tips on how to write the best college essay. Grab a pen and a paper because we’re going to dive deeply into this subject!

  1. Writing About Something Inspiring

Most college applications focus on a student’s achievements, such as extracurricular activities or leadership experience. However, while these details do tell a part of the story, they ultimately fail to express something truly personal about the person . When writing a college essay, it’s important to remember that the applicant is speaking directly to the admissions officers. They want to understand what each student is all about, as well as their innermost motivations in life.

The safest thing to do is to write about something truly inspiring. There are many college essay examples online but each student will have to think for themselves in terms of what it is they want to convey. They should write about something they know very well or an experience that has shaped who they are today.

  1. Going In-Depth About A Passion Or A Hobby

Although most students have a rather limited life experience, they surely have at least one hobby they can talk about for hours. By doing this, applicants can showcase an ability that they might be able to pursue during college. No need to put an entire life in an essay. However, describing a small part of it will surely do. 

An honest passion for a particular activity can increase the chances of standing out from other peers. So whether we’re talking about a love of music, dancing, or even basketball, it’s important to make sure that it’s all conveyed empathically and honestly.

  1. Writing Authentically

First-generation college students understand that authenticity is key when writing a college essay. The culture that has turned college admission into a conquest has missed out on a simple concept ━ establishing what it is that students want to get out of college, and most importantly, who they are. 

Authenticity should be the applicants top priority. Their voices should exude this quality throughout the entirety of their essays. When you know who you are or when you’re in the process of self-discovery, it’s crucial to hold on to authenticity and express it whenever it’s possible. It will always come across as commendable, even when done clumsily.

  1. Showcasing A Unique Personality
College Essay

Admissions officers want to get to know each student. They’re not bothered by how many times they read essays on the same topics. However, they want to see each student’s take on things. What does this person add to the topic that the other won’t? Allowing one’s unique personality to infiltrate each paragraph can pave the way to success. 

By focusing more on how certain things, ideas, or situations affect students on a personal level, they will get to showcase their distinct attributes and make a great first impression. Self-awareness is a must. Quick tip ━ college essays on money, work, or social class can offer an impressive way of diving deeper into one’s personality.

  1. Being Concise & Accurate

Most students wonder about how long a college essay should be. This depends on the college of choice and what their requirements are. It’s easy to find out using The Common App because most universities use it. Since sending in the first draft is a generally unpopular practice, rewrite it until it fits into the word limit.

Another important detail to look out for is conciseness and accuracy when writing the essay. It’s nice to be descriptive and elaborate but students should always aim for surgeon-like precision when writing down their thoughts. Are all the details important to mention? Can they get the point across by removing some of the unnecessary parts? If so, they should do it!

  1. Formatting The Perfect College Essay

When formatting a college essay, students must be cautious. A great essay has to be neat, orderly, and most importantly, easy to read. No one wants to read an essay filled with grammatical errors and missing commas. The paragraphs must be separated clearly from one another. A standard font like Times New Roman will never disappoint. The lines should have 1.5 spacing and the margins should be set to 1 inch. Keep it basic.

Using tools such as Grammarly can surely come in handy before sending it in. That way, you can discover minor errors and correct them where it’s necessary. The paper should be a pleasure to read. Formatting helps a lot, so it’s important to pay attention to these details. 

  1. Keeping An Eye Out For Supplemental Essays

Most highly selective colleges require supplemental essays. They are additional writing samples  that are just as important to the college application. Students should view them as another chance to display their uniqueness and intellectual stamina. 

Writing a couple of great essays shouldn’t be a stumbling block, but rather an opportunity to shine brighter and bring forth important insights. The word “supplemental” might confuse some students and have them believe that it’s synonymous with “optional”. That couldn’t be further from the truth. A successful application may sometimes depend on supplemental essays, so it’s an important detail to take into consideration.

The bottom line is…

Writing the perfect college essay doesn’t happen overnight. It requires rewriting, adjusting, and high levels of authenticity. ScholarPrep Nation makes it its mission to simplify the journey to college and scholarship applications. 

With the help of the ScholarPrep Organizer, aspiring students will be able to tackle each section that they will encounter during applications. Also, The Organizer will be a trustworthy provider of helpful tips to fill out perfect applications. The current Portfolio Edition contains pocket folders to keep application materials organized so that everything is together in one place. Get yours today!

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