The College Application Process: 3 Quick Rules to Follow

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The college application process can be either empowering or overwhelming. Usually, this is determined by the efficiency of high school counseling. The demystification of both the college and the scholarship application processes must become a top priority for every school leader, counselor, and teacher. ScholarPrep Nation is here to shed light on this crucial topic.

The applicants must prepare for the college admission process promptly. Scratching the surface during one’s senior year by seeking basic information online won’t work. The students must stay organized and focused on which academic opportunities lie ahead, starting with their junior year. This way, the efforts of high school counseling will certainly pay off.

In today’s article, we’ll gladly share with you our 3 quick rules for a smooth and successful college application process. Read on and don’t forget to take some notes for future reference!

#1: Leverage Tools And Resources For the College Application Process

Ask any teacher or guidance counselor ━ they will all agree that great college applications take time. Although college degree attainment results in bridging several wealth gaps, Black youth and their families continue to struggle against the racially skewed system. The cause? Their academic achievement levels are not boosted through a proactive approach. Instead, most African-American students are the victims of unfairly harsh discipline

The results? Lower standardized test scores, fewer chances of applying to their desired universities, and an incomplete or incorrect college application.In response to this, it would be wise to consider all the people who could help with completing the application. We offer you three solutions.

The Common App is currently accepted by more than 900 colleges, including some that are outside of the U.S. The students must fill out the Common App once in order to submit it to multiple colleges. The Common Black College App (CBCA) is also an affordable tool that only necessitates one payment. In case you were wondering, CBCA was founded back in 1998 and it has helped over 250.000 students throughout the years. Last but not least, the Coalition App, that is accepted by more than 150 colleges and universities.

Black youth are more eager than ever to succeed and impress admissions counselors. It is time to demystify the process for them and leverage multiple tools, resources, and advocates that will ultimately help ease the challenge of navigating this otherwise daunting process. With ScholarPrep Nation’s online courses on high school success and college readiness, all families will be fully prepared for what comes next.

#2: College Readiness Requires Time and Preparation

The students must become well aware of the basics. Financial aid, extracurriculars, relevant summer activities, community involvement, leadership, and work experience must be tackled as early on as possible. The importance of a convincing personal statement essay is also crucial, as far as college admissions are concerned.

These key components can either help one prepare for college or act as stumbling blocks. For this, school leaders must leverage information, tools, and resources in a timely and efficient manner. Moreover, the students must find out what the application fees are so that they can have enough time to budget before applying.

High school counselors are already facing overwhelm as they aim to send in each high school transcript, grade report, and recommendation before the application deadline. It’s time to help them out.

Yes, the Common App might be effective when one applies to multiple schools. However, it does not guarantee admission. Instead, the students and their school leaders need a college readiness program that is efficient enough to ensure college success. Luckily, we have the solution for you.

#3: Prepare For College and Get a Scholarship With ScholarPrep Nation!

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Most teenagers feel pressure when they start thinking about which university they should apply to. Then, the college and scholarship application processes demand all their attention. To first-generation college students of color, the road to higher education is even more complicated. The financial pressure of college is one of the major roadblocks for Black youth. 

As soon as the college and scholarship application processes will lose some of their long-standing mystery, Black students will have a fair shot at academic success. Until then, we have work to do. Fortunately, ScholarPrep Nation has already started to work for and with the students and school leaders.

Concisely, ScholarPrep Nation is a college access program that aims to empower students of color as they embark on their latest academic adventure. Our proactive approach and expertise will ensure that African-American students will have full access to efficient college and scholarship mentorship.

Our online network keeps everyone connected. The students will benefit from the expert advice of our educational consultants as they start to seek the right scholarships for them. Furthermore, they’ll learn how to aptly write their college essays as they will be paired with expert coaches, also known as ScholarPrep Nation Navigators.

Personality assessments and monthly accountability meetings will ensure that the children stay on track to college success. Keep in mind that this is just a preview of what we offer. ScholarPrep Nation is not your regular college access program. We are completely dedicated to shedding light on the entire process. We’re here to help.

Get Ahead of the College Application Process With ScholarPrep Nation!

Preparing young Black scholars for college success is not a mission to be taken lightly. Together, we can help them complete their applications and go through the admission process, just like their peers. Give them a chance to prepare for college the right way.
Contact us now and find out how our nationwide network can help your students thrive. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you overcome your main challenges! Inclusivity in education matters!

ScholarPrep Nation

ScholarPrep Nation is a college access program that arms scholars with a wide variety of tools and resources to help them navigate their high school journey and understand all of the post-high school opportunities available to them

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