The College Admission Conversation: 4 Points to Discuss


College admission counseling can help students apply to college with total confidence. Ideally, young scholars should start figuring out the college admission process steps as early as junior year. ScholarPrep Nation is a college access program that aims to empower and demystify the academic journey to improve outcomes for African-American students.

Gaining college admissions is a lengthy process that requires realistic planning. A strict timeline and the expertise of high school counseling can help the kids prepare for college without too much stress. We believe all colleges can be accessed by African-American students who have mastered the college application process.

The college admission conversation must start as early on as possible. That way, the college applicant has the time to gather their application materials, select the perfect schools, and properly prepare for college. Let’s discover the 4 crucial points that high school counselors must address without delay.

#1: Decoding the College Admission Timeline

As they prepare for college, high school seniors must regularly check the admissions timeline and consult with their college counselor whenever questions or doubts arise. Admission decisions can be confusing to navigate and choose from, especially for first-gen students. 

Due in November of each senior year, early decision and early action applications are popular with prospective students who wish to have an advantage over regular decision. High school counselors must emphasize the difference between the two. 

Early decision is a binding agreement. The student’s application implies that he or she will not apply to any other college. In case of rejection, the student will once again be able to apply to multiple schools before the regular admissions deadline.

Early action, on the other hand, is a nonbinding option that allows the applicant to consider multiple schools and be admitted based on their letter of recommendation and personal statement. Restrictive early action is also a point worth discussing during counseling. 

#2: Organizing Application Materials 

The process of gathering application materials for college applications is a no-brainer and needs to be properly discussed with future college students. ScholarPrep Nation emphasizes the importance of getting organized in advance for both the college and scholarship application processes.

Before the application deadline, high school counseling must find actionable ways of motivating the children and their families to get ready for what’s to come, as early as ninth grade. Here are a few must-haves in terms of application materials that admissions officers look for:

  • Extracurricular activities
  • High school transcript
  • College application essay
  • Personal statement
  • Leadership skills & experience
  • Work experience
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Community involvement
  • Awards and honors
  • ACT/SAT scores

Colleges can determine whether the applicant is a good match or not based on the items listed above. It’s also important to mention that long standing complaint that standardized testing is racially biased. 

According to the National Education Association, African-American students face emotional and psychological distress due to these tests. We recommend you read Ibram X. Kendi’s public statement on this matter. Today, many colleges around the country have implemented test-optional pathways, multiple-measures, and lower-stakes exams. Nonetheless, students still need to be prepared and aware of what lies ahead for their journey into college. 

#3: Reducing College Debt Through Financially Literate Scholarship Applications


High schools can easily leverage information, tools, and resources about financial aid. That way, families have a better opportunity to figure out which financial aid package they’ll be awarded. According to the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC), there are six ways colleges award financial aid. As for the scholarship applications, they are just as important as the college admission process itself. 

The Common App is the kind of tool that adds value to the students’ applications, as it boasts over 900 participating colleges. African-American students can also access the Common Black College App (CBCA) and the Coalition App, two one-payment, inclusive tools that grant access to some of the nation’s best colleges. The time to secure scholarships is now.

#4: Leveraging Afrocentric College Tools and Resources 

Afrocentrism is a rather underrated concept. In fact, it could very easily usher in a more culturally empowering and affirming era for the college admissions process. 

ScholarPrep Nation is a college access program and planning system that has successfully demystified the academic journey for countless Black students. We are here to prepare kids for college the right way. Let’s plan ahead, fill out applications long before the deadline, and draw real inspiration from our rich African culture and tradition.

Our online, nationwide network is guaranteed to help students of color succeed as they embark on the college journey. Black, first-gen students can easily bridge the admissions gap, all they need is an academic pathways program that speaks to them on a deeper level.

Demystifying the academic journey is what we’re passionate about. Our experts are here to help the students every step of the way.

Increase the Efficiency of the College Admission Conversation With ScholarPrep Nation! 

Applicants of color need to start planning for collegiate success without delay. ScholarPrep Nation is the expert partner of school leaders, counselors, families, and prospective college students. We are dedicated to making the college admissions process easier to navigate.

Our unique services ensure that each student is part of our inclusive community. With our assistance, they will get all the help they’ll need with their college and scholarship applications. 

ACT/SAT tutoring and personality assessments are also incredibly important to us. Finally, the kids will always be held accountable by our experts as far as various tasks are concerned.

Contact us now and learn more about our culturally affirming initiative! 

ScholarPrep Nation

ScholarPrep Nation is a college access program that arms scholars with a wide variety of tools and resources to help them navigate their high school journey and understand all of the post-high school opportunities available to them

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