Take the  Pressure Off High School Counselors With These 3 Steps!

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The American School Counselor Association states that the activity of school counseling is over a hundred years old. Throughout the decades, the role played by school counselors has been under constant debate, as well as subject to change. Now, ScholarPrepNation is on a mission to take some of the pressure off high school counselors.

What was once known as vocational guidance has now become an essential step in college preparation for our kids. High school counseling is meant to target so much more than just the developmental and academic needs of the students. In fact, the school counseling profession is about guiding our young adults in the direction of their aspirations.

In today’s article, we’ll reveal the three steps that school leaders can follow in order to relieve some of the pressure that is currently being experienced by high school counselors. Continue to read and discover the latest advice!

#1: Encourage High School Counselors to Advocate for Inclusivity in Education

Let’s picture this ━ the senior year begins and most students, particularly Black youth, begin to feel anxious about the scholarship and college application processes. Even worse, most first-generation students start to feel less and less prepared for this new academic chapter. What exactly is the root cause of the confusion surrounding higher education? In the long run, inclusivity in education is just as important as academic support.

Black youth deserves to feel like they are a part of the community, that they are heard, valued, and seen. Also, their families need to feel that their contributions and expertise are needed and put into practice. High school counselors must make a conscious effort to push for inclusivity in education without perpetuating harmful stereotypes or coercive methods that might discriminate. 

Regardless of their families’ socioeconomic backgrounds, every single child is capable of greatness. For that, anti-racist practices must be put to good use. Things such as initiating conversations about race, exploring family engagement, or discovering Critical Race Theory would end up empowering students. 

Consequently, the children won’t only speak up, but they’ll also experience a growing sense of curiosity as to what their academic and career plans should look like. A culturally affirming approach will never fail, it will eventually become the ultimate stepping stone toward college success.

#2: Demystify the College and Scholarship Application Processes

As mentioned above, there is a sense of confusion and anxiety as far as the college application process is concerned. For this reason alone, it’s extremely important to understand how high school counselors can help 9th graders plan ahead for academic and career development.

By the time they’ll reach senior year, individual counseling will inform students about financial aid, career exploration, and last but not least, the scholarship and college application processes. The country’s top-tier institutions are currently failing to advocate for inclusion and representation 

Both the children and their families could potentially end up feeling overwhelmed. For this reason, students who fall off track in regards to their academic and social skills might be left behind. This unfair dynamic can be easily avoided if we just start looking for solutions early on.

#3: Introducing ScholarPrep Nation: Making College Success Achievable

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As we’ve previously seen, most high schools need to make solid contributions to the school counselors’ work. The good news is that school leaders have plenty of effective options to choose from that will certainly benefit Black youth.

ScholarPrep Nation could be the perfect choice for your institution. We connect your students with academic advisors, college recruiters, and mentors who are happy and ready to help the kids prepare for college. Our mission? To demystify the academic journey!

We do this by offering everyone access to an online and nationwide network. Consequently, the children will have a rare opportunity of thriving both academically and socially. Isolation is a certain way of perpetuating loneliness and confusion. This has to stop.

We need to bridge the gaps between high school graduations, college admissions, and scholarship admissions. With ScholarPrep Nation, this is now entirely achievable. 

Pave the Way to College Success With ScholarPrep Nation!

ScholarPrep Nation is the expert solution you’ve been looking for. A culturally inclusive and affirming college access program, we’re entirely dedicated to demystifying the academic journey. We help you take the pressure off your high school counselors and ensure that the students know exactly how to prepare for college.

Contact us now and tell us more about your school’s goals and needs! We would be honored to help your students achieve academic excellence!

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