How to Save and Display Your Awards and Honors

How to save and display your awards and honors

Awards and honors are an important part of applying to colleges and for scholarships. Have you been keeping the certificates, medals, trophies that represent your awards and honors? Do you have pictures of yourself at academic competitions? All of those can come in handy during your application process. So, how do you save, store, and display them? There are several methods that will help get you organized during high school and then as you are navigating the application process.


It is imperative you save all academic certificates you receive. Does your school give out course awards? Honor roll certificates? Character certificates? Have you received certificates for volunteering? Make sure you save them!

Saving the certificates will assist you when it’s time to fill out college and scholarship applications and create your resume. There won’t be any wondering about what awards you won because they will be at your fingertips! Staying organized is key!


There are several methods for properly storing your certificates and awards. Choose the method that works best for you. Each person has their own way of staying organized and keeping records. Determine what works best for your family and when the time comes to fill out applications and resumes you won’t have any issues!

  1. Box or file folder
    • Use a file folder or storage container for each grade throughout high school and store all certificates in the selected file folder.
    • If you don’t want to display your trophies, ribbons and/or medals, add them to the box. You can also list them and put the information in the file folders along with your certificates.
  2. ScholarPrep Organizer
    • In your ScholarPrep Organizer there is a folder in the Honors and Awards section for you to store your certificates so they are not damaged.
    • You will also use this section to keep a list of awards by school year.
  3. Scan and save on computer
    • Scanning awards and saving them on a computer is a great method in the age of technology. Always backup your information. You never know when your computer will fail you and everything could be lost.
    • Methods:
      • Computer folder
      • Google Drive or DropBox
        • Free storage with an account.
        • They can be accessed from anywhere you have Internet capabilities.
        • They will not be lost if your computer crashes.
        • Easily accessible when filling out applications and resumes.
      • USB
        • Backup your information to a USB and store in a safe and secure spot.
        • Only use this USB for college prep materials and information such as awards, resumes, etc.
  4. Take pictures
    • Do you have artwork, a science fair project, or something else you won an award for or other academic achievements that are hard to store in a box? Take a picture and save it to your computer, online drive and/or USB drive.

BONUS TIP: Save pictures of you in action. Did you win a debate competition or a science fair competition? Display pictures of you earning your award. Be proud of your accomplishments!


We are in the technology age where everyone looks online to learn about others. Leave a positive digital footprint and create an online resume. With an online resume, you can display your awards and photographs.

Create an e-portfolio or online resume using PortfolioGen, Wix, or OPResume. They all have free options and give you a link to share your information. Not only will you look more professional, this is also an easy way to store and display your awards and other valuable information.

You will need the information about your awards and honors for your applications and a resume. Don’t let disorganization be a reason you miss deadlines for college and scholarship applications. Figure out a system that works for you and get organized today!

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