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ScholarPrep Organizer

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The ScholarPrep Organizer is a planning and organization system to prepare students and parents for college and scholarship applications. The organizer covers every section that your child will encounter on a college or scholarship application, provides helpful tips and information, helps them set goals and track the information that they will need to fill out applications.

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ScholarPrep Success Kit cover

The ScholarPrep College Readiness Success Kit is a guide that compiles everything needed to give high schoolers a competitive edge. We have packed all of our content in this downloadable ScholarPrep College Readiness Success Kit. This is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to help a group of scholars navigate through a series of college readiness lessons. It's also great for parents and homeschoolers!

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What Parents and Students Say About Us

Jalynn smiling

ScholarPrep Nation is a wonderful organization that I am proud to be a part of. It is unlike any academic space because, not only does it offer an academic space for scholars to ask questions and receive help, but it also offers a sense of community and belonging for scholars and their families.

— Jalynn

High School Junior
Sheri showing ScholarPrep Kit

ScholarPrep Nation is amazing, it’s a very welcoming community! Once I joined I didn’t feel out of place at all, the environment was relaxing and friendly. I’ve learned so much from everyone else right off the bat. The unique experiences from other students help me make decisions about my classes, daily life, and college.

— Sheri

High School Sophomore
Charles holding ScholarPrep Guide

“ScholarPrep Nation is simply amazing! A collective space for scholars of color is something that I never had growing up, and something that is definitely needed. Being able to engage with people like you who have similar aspirations and life experiences is a blessing like no other. Joining SPN was one of my best decisions as a high school student.”

— Charles

High School Senior
Beth and son

My how I wish we had this two years ago! We'll make it, but starting half way through my son’s junior year seems late! Thank you for this wonderful organizational tool! What a wonderful guide! You’ve made this doable!

— Beth

Mom of a Junior

I was struggling with figuring out what I needed for filling in my college application and worried if I would have everything in on time. This helped me so I won’t have to rush to find the information when it's needed.

— Cristina

High School Junior

I’m overwhelmed. I want someone to hold my hand through the process. By using ScholarPrep, we are able to set clear goals and objectives with key milestones. This means less pressure on me and clarity for my son.

— Eugenia

Mom of Two

The college journey is going so great. I got accepted into my number one choice and confirmed my enrollment. I also was awarded $50,000 scholarship for five years for going to that college. I truly couldn't do it without the help from ScholarPrep and for that I'm sincerely thankful.

— Benjamin


Thorough and easy to follow…THANK YOU for the amazing resource you have created. I first started going through the ScholarPrep Organizer and was blown away by the simple step-by-step process to get on track and stay on track. Well, as great as that resource is, I was extremely pleased when I delved into the online course!

— Leah

Homeschool Mom
Jeanina and daughter

My daughter is a junior, and the time is approaching fast and furious! We need to know what we will need , when they happened and where to find them all in one place! That's where the ScholarPrep Organizer comes in handy!! There's lots of tips throughout the organizer. It also has inserts and pages for notes!! Love it; it's a must have!!!

— Jeanina

Mom of a Junior
Susan and family

The ScholarPrep Organizer fits us so well. It is well organized for even the most overwhelmed parents and it is written in a concise, matter-of-fact style. I like that I can get to what I need quickly and easily understand the components of the Organizer! It is a useful tool. I wish I would have had it when my oldest was in 8th grade!

— Susan

Mom of two boys

As a mom of three, two of which have gone through the college process, I love everything about the ScholarPrep Organizer. I know how important organization is in the process of applying for college (and scholarships!) and am excited to use the book as a valuable tool while my youngest son is still in high school.

— Monica

Mom of three
Remy holding a UC Davis shirt

ScholarPrep Nation has allows me to engage with younger scholars. I have been able to provide insight and advise high school students who are beginning to think about college. Increasing knowledge around college and the application process reduces panic, fear and intimidation that often onsets when thinking about life after high school.

— Remy

Community College Scholar

“The ScholarPrep Organizer allows you to be more organized and keep your work updated and all in the same place. It also helps you keep your thoughts organized.

— Amaria

High School Sophomore

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