Is High School Counseling Efficient Enough to Support All Students?

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The American School Counselor Association published a State of the Profession report highlighting that only 13% of the high school counselors who completed the survey were African-American. White school counselors make up a staggering 72%. Inclusivity in education should visibly impact high school counseling. ScholarPrep Nation is here to offer culturally affirming solutions.

How exactly are African-American students impacted by this unequal representation? With the college application process becoming more and more mystified, it is now time to tend to our current school environments. While most high school counselors are dedicated to their work, they could easily become overwhelmed and fail to efficiently support everyone, including African-American students.

In today’s article, we’ll carefully examine the limitations of high school counseling and seek efficient solutions that will benefit every student, regardless of socioeconomic background!

Learn How High School Counselors Can Advocate for Inclusivity in Education

It’s no secret that Black students need more Black counselors. Most counseling programs refuse to glimpse into the everyday life of our youth. Furthermore, most high schools choose a reactive approach whenever African-American students fail to keep up with the default expectations. Most of the time, accumulated knowledge gaps result in a lack of college success.

Having high school counselors of color to look up to can be an invaluable addition to the current school staff. Theoretically, the school counseling profession advocates for equity right from the get-go. In fact, inclusivity in education continues to be an ideal rather than a part of daily school life. 

The emotional toll of racism is dramatic enough by itself. A professional school counselor must extend so much more than just academic support. For example, Social-Emotional Learning can be an incredibly useful tool as we begin to pave the way for a more equitable educational system. 

When treated fairly and able to interact with Black counselors, the students will have an easier time visualizing themselves in the future, as well as tending to their college applications.

High School Counseling Tailored for the First-Generation College Student

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Most students of color don’t have siblings that could serve as role models for them to pursue higher education. First-generation college students tend to look up to their high school counselors and regard them as their most reliable source of support. They expect full acceptance, understanding, and motivation. 

The college application process is often accompanied by the need for financial aid awareness and the exploration of career paths, among many other things. Consequently, those essential steps toward college can seem much more complicated than they really are. The last thing we need is discouraged, frightened students. 

Things could be dramatically simplified! Considering the fact that first-gen students are a stable college enrollment population, they should become one of the main priorities of high school counselors. Not all first-gen students are necessarily low-income, contrary to popular belief. They simply lack the necessary resources and information in order to conquer the college application process.

Enhancing Your High School Counseling Efforts With ScholarPrep Nation

We get it. As a school leader, you have a lot on your plate. What if your school counselors cannot efficiently manage their time any longer? The inflow of future college students can become overwhelming after a while. For this reason, you need reliable solutions that offer culturally affirming solutions for your African-American students.

ScholarPrep Nation is a renowned college access program dedicated to the needs of students of color. Our experts will ensure the college success of your high school students, regardless of all present limitations. Here is a brief list of what we expertly provide:

  • An online, nationwide network
  • On-demand Academic Mentorship
  • Expert advice from our certified Educational Consultants
  • Fully customized scholarship search
  • Fully personalized college essay writing
  • Being paired with an expert ScholarPrep Navigator (coach)
  • Personality assessments
  • ACT/SAT Test Preparation and Tutoring
  • Monthly webinars and Accountability Meetings 
  • …and so much more!

ScholarPrep is dedicated to helping each child discover their uniqueness. Our innovative and culturally empowering approach is guaranteed to get your high school students into the colleges of their dreams. Together, we can now permanently demystify the college application process!

Ready to Empower Your High School Students All the Way to College Enrollment?

According to the National Association for College Admission Counseling, principals can shape not just the goals of the school or the teacher, but also the goals of the high school counselor. Bearing this in mind while mixing the current counseling efforts with the expertise of ScholarPrep Nation, college success can be achieved.

Contact us now and tell us more about your African-American students’ needs and preferences. We’d be more than happy to help you figure out an effective strategy!

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