How Extracurricular Activities Impact College Admissions

How EC Activities Impact College Admissions

Preparing the perfect application requires meticulous preparation, especially for a first-generation college student. From writing the essay to working on a resume, a compelling college application requires time, patience, and diligence. Although high school counseling is rather popular among teenagers who aspire to become college students and their parents, some of the most important details about college admission can be left behind.

In today’s article, we’re examining how important extracurricular activities are and how they can help  students get into their desired college. We’ll talk about activities that can be included in an application and how relevant they are along the way. Read on!

They’re a crucial component of your application

Aspiring students might focus too much on one component of the application while leaving the rest incomplete. It’s important to keep track of all relevant activities from an early stage, such as freshman year. This way, students are less likely to forget important details and have a much easier time during their senior year.

Extracurricular activities play an important role when it comes to getting into a well-esteemed college. By showcasing these activities, colleges form their impressions when it comes to how adaptable and efficient a student can be. They also are interested to see the extent of teamwork abilities and how willing the young ones are to continuously learn new sets of valuable skills.

They Reveal Team Player Qualities

One of the most common extracurricular activities is athletics. Most students are in sports teams and can easily highlight this ability in their college applications. This will showcase an increased sense of ambition and a hard-working attitude. These two can go a long way, especially since students work in teams when it comes to basketball, football, or even cheerleading. 

Not only will athletic activities look good on your application but they will also help you adapt much more easily to the new social dynamics of college life. Remember that team captains have an advantage over the others since their experience counts as both an extracurricular activity and leadership ability. It’s also important to note that any awards or championships should be mentioned as they are highly relevant and can once again reveal one’s potential for excellence.

They Showcase Well-Roundedness

Students who have an interest in a certain subject can easily join academic clubs. This type of extracurricular activity can reveal a well-rounded individual that has other interests besides performing well in school. Students have a generous palette of possible choices ━ they can join clubs that are dedicated to literature, mathematics, history, biology, and even engineering. 

By including activities related to academic teams, the student will demonstrate how creative and complex they can be as future college students. Excellence is important to mention when aiming for a college scholarship. In this case, academic teams should definitely join local or national competitions. Each student should make sure to include this in their application but only if it relates to their desired degree or career.

They Can Include Creativity & Arts

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Creativity goes hand in hand with successful college life. Students who consider themselves artistic might join drama classes, choirs, fashion design groups, or communities where painting and drawing are the main interests. These are worth including in any application because they reveal important qualities about the student, such as out-of-the-box thinking and a personal vision that can turn a student into a future artist.

College admissions officers are on the lookout for all young mavericks who are willing to achieve excellence and put in the necessary work, especially when applying to an art college. Creativity is priceless and it will definitely help students achieve their dreams when it’s inculcated at early ages.

They Point to Tech-Savvy Individuals

Being young in this day and age is all about how well you can handle technology and everything that comes with it ━ from programming skills to an impressive social media presence, students have the chance to move past basic knowledge and aim to have a tech career. Also, students who aspire to have a degree in computer science ought to work harder on their skills. 

Since technology is something pertaining to the future, it’s wise that the youth uses this extracurricular activity to their advantage. Having an impressive blog or website can increase one’s chances of impressing the admission officers, as well as having a YouTube channel or Instagram profile that reveals valuable things about one’s interests and personality.

The best part about having a memorable social media presence is that it can be done from home and it doesn’t require any involvement from the school. An extracurricular activity such as this one can say a lot about one’s independence, creativity, and drive in life.

In Conclusion…

Students are lucky because extracurricular activities are extremely varied and abundant in high school. The trick is to start early and stick to the ones that fit one’s interests best. We’ve learned that activities outside the realm of school are more than necessary when it comes to college admissions.

Also, we’ve learned that extracurricular activities can vary from athletics, academics clubs, and arts to those that pertain to technology. Students must only choose wisely and be consistent. The rest will come naturally, as they say. Extracurriculars can’t be ignored because they ultimately pave the way to a happy college life. 

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