Discovering An Afrocentric Approach to College Admission

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It’s been shown that white students have an advantage in the college admission process. Why is that, you might wonder? This has everything to do with how Black youth, particularly first-generation college students, are being aided on their road to college. ScholarPrep Nation strongly supports the academic journey of each student in need of expert guidance.

Although we continue to push for inclusivity in education, the college application process is still confusing. The solution? To permanently demystify the college and scholarship application processes while raising awareness on topics surrounding financial aid or standardized tests. All applicants deserve a fair chance at college success. For this reason, we should explore an Afrocentric approach.

In today’s article, let us decide whether an Afrocentric approach to college admission would be appropriate or not. In the context of the ongoing racism in education, it would be wise for school leaders to adopt a more culturally affirming counseling strategy.

College Admission Seen Through Afrocentric Lens

What exactly is Afrocentrism and how can it enable institutions to aid their students as the college search commences? In a nutshell, Afrocentrism deals with acknowledging and celebrating Black youth’s African heritage. College admission is often unpredictable and admissions officers tend to make their own rules. We need a considerable perspective shift. 

Dr. Asa Hilliard is the classic example of a professor dedicated to exploring Afrocentric pedagogy. Among many other achievements, he dared to envision a brand-new K-12 curriculum that infused Afrocentric knowledge into every single subject. His passion for African culture and tradition continues to be forward-thinking years later.

Similarly to Dr. Hilliard, other scholars with a penchant for African studies are undoubtedly worth studying throughout one’s K-12 years. To ignore the lifelong work of such anti-racist geniuses is to consciously sabotage the growth of our youth. Furthermore, healthy self-awareness levels have the power to bring about the desire for academic achievement. 

College admission counseling should become culturally affirming and eager to nurture Black excellence. Equipped with the Afrocentric vision to achieve college success, the young scholars will be aptly guided to fill in their college applications as early as junior year, without the stress caused by uncertainty and confusion.

Equitable College Admissions Rely On Inclusivity in Education

As colleges weigh new admissions strategies and seek to support diversity, they continue to disregard the biggest, most inconvenient issue ━ racism is affecting the college admission process. That is to say, no matter how efficient and culturally empowering college admission counseling is, most students will face racism head-on due to overly-selective colleges that block the equal access of each applicant.

Legacy preferences in college admissions continue to perpetuate unfair circumstances. This concern raises civil rights implications that are impossible to ignore. The lack of transparency regarding the scholarship and college application and admission processes negatively impacts our youth. Consequently, Black students are much more likely to face student debt.

Although most high school counselors are dedicated to creating a more equitable academic environment, they are often taken aback by the students’ academic achievement gaps. Instead of taking a proactive approach, they may be inclined to resort to punitive measures. This stifles the efforts of college counseling throughout the nation, creating race gaps that are difficult to manage. However, there are culturally affirming solutions worth considering.

ScholarPrep Nation: An Afrocentric College Access Program

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Financial aid, extracurricular activities, or Advanced Placement classes could certainly impress the admissions officer. However, Black youth must be given the right tools and resources in order to aptly tackle the college and scholarship application processes. As soon as these two are well taken care of, college admission could become considerably easier. 

ScholarPrep Nation doesn’t care solely about the young scholars’ test scores. Our mission is to ensure college success and familiarize the students with what awaits them post-high school. Our expertise in terms of college and scholarship applications is meant to take the pressure off high school leaders and counselors.

African-American students deserve to get into the colleges of their dreams. Unfortunately, they often lack the tools and resources in order to make the best decisions.Their academic achievement levels rely on our combined efforts. Together, we can boost college counseling efforts and help students apply without any confusion or stress.

Help Black Youth Access Higher Education Now!

Becoming college and scholarship-ready cannot happen overnight, especially not during one’s senior year. Instead, college graduation levels are determined by how well we assist and guide young scholars as early on as possible.

ScholarPrep Nation possesses the cultural and academic expertise you’ve been looking for. Allow us to prepare your African-American students for collegiate success in an efficient and professional manner. 

Contact us now and tell us more about your school’s goals and needs! We’re here to help you every step of the way. Inclusivity in education is entirely achievable. We look forward to hearing from you!

ScholarPrep Nation

ScholarPrep Nation is a college access program that arms scholars with a wide variety of tools and resources to help them navigate their high school journey and understand all of the post-high school opportunities available to them

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