Can High School Counseling Be Afrocentric?


High school counseling should do more than simply offer academic support. There are over 33,957 school counselors at work in the United States. The question is, how many of them are doing high school counseling in an Afrocentric manner?

ScholarPrep Nation is here to support anti-racist education, including school leaders and school counselors who recognize the importance of a more equitable educational system. We believe that developing a positive African-American ethnic identity is vital during these uncertain times.

From elementary school counselors, middle school counselors, to high school counselors, here’s how everyone can stand up for the rights of their Black students. Read on and find out more!

Encouraging High School Counselors to Pursue Family Engagement 

Collaborating with the parents is the first step toward better academic and career plans. As you probably know, most African-American parents are seen as hard to reach. They rarely show up and are reticent when expressing their points of view. High school counselors can help change that.

The main reason why families of color fail to engage is because they feel that their voices are left unheard. Their expertise concerning their children is seldom put to good use. Meanwhile, educators and high school counselors continue to undermine their ideas and invalidate their input. Academic achievement is therefore very much affected.

It’s been shown that schools with strong family engagement are 10 times more likely to improve academic achievement levels. A professional school counselor will always find the right methods to implement family engagement fairly and efficiently. Most high school students need to feel that their families have a say in their educational and social development. 

Understanding the Impact of Black High School Counseling

The American School Counselor Association reveals that only 11% of school counselors are Black. Compared to 76% of white counselors, it’s obvious to see how disproportionate things really are. 

High school students of color are currently preparing for a new chapter in their lives. Most of them are first-gen and come from low-income families. To them, guidance is everything. The power of example is often an underrated aspect of academic achievement. It’s no secret that racism already fuels poor mental health in our youth. 

Imagine how pleasantly surprised and motivated our kids would be if, one day, a Black school counselor joined the school staff. Unfortunately, the systemic racism present in most school environments takes its toll on both students and counselors of color. It is up to school leaders to promote and nurture a more equitable environment where everyone can thrive.

As much as academic and social skills are praised, it’s equally important that they are taught in an Afrocentric manner. By doing this, we validate the experiences of Black students and give them the tools to go ahead and pursue higher education.

Putting an Afrocentric Spin on College Success    

As Dr. Asa Hilliard III once said, ‘we have surrendered our way of life’. Young scholars of color should become aware of this truth. Although it might be a tough pill to swallow, a Black school counselor can exemplify this statement in more ways than one.

Critical race theory (CRT) is a fantastic tool for Afrocentric college success. In fact, it is the very staple of anti-racist education. Shortly put, it is a school of thought that showcases the way racism has permeated public policy, institutions, and even the educational system in our country.

Quite predictably, CRT faces multiple bans in several states. This unfortunate situation prevents kids from being properly equipped for real life. Likewise, Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) faces the same unjustified backlash.

Putting an Afrocentric spin on college success starts with telling the truth. The truth is that African-American history and identity have always been silenced, all in favor of an unjust take on Eurocentrism.

Choosing an Afrocentric College Access Program

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Anti-racist education has come a long way. Every school counselor is aware of this. Regardless, it still has a long way to go. 

ScholarPrep Nation is the Afrocentric college access program you’ve been looking for. The high school counselors’ work combined with our search for Afrocentric knowledge and truth will assist students every step of the way.

As we all know, the college application process has nothing to do with one’s academic performance. We believe that scholarship and college applications must become demystified. We apply the same logic to the overall academic journey.

Luckily for all students of color, ScholarPrep Nation hosts a nationwide network of students, educational consultants, and coaches of color. Furthermore, we offer ACT/SAT prep and tutoring, on-demand academic mentorship, and personalized scholarship search, among many other things.

Making Academic Progress with ScholarPrep Nation  

If expert help is what you’re looking for, you’re in the right place. ScholarPrep Nation is a Black-owned initiative that can help students find their way, academically speaking.

Contact us now and get started! We’d love to be the ones who assist you or your students on the way to collegiate success.

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