Achieving College Success: 3 Key Tips for School Leaders

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The responsibilities that come with being a school leader are not for the faint of heart. Regardless, college success should be one of the top priorities. Among many other things, academic advising, promoting inclusivity in education, and helping students prepare for college are all impossible to neglect. ScholarPrep Nation is dedicated to expertly helping our youth prepare for college.

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, several gaps have been bridged. Namely, the gaps between home and school and the ones between families and educators. Now, it is time for the gap between Black youth and higher education to be effectively taken care of. Luckily, school leaders can now address student success by utilizing the right resources and tools.

In today’s article, we’ll take a closer look at our three key tips for school leaders. Let’s find out how to properly increase college readiness levels in a manner that is both empowering and inclusive.

#1: Acknowledging That College Success Relies on Inclusivity in Education

African-American students have a right to properly prepare for college. As far as first-generation students are concerned, it is imperious to guide them on their desired academic pathways. Ultimately, the school has a personal responsibility for the long-term success of its students.

Inclusivity in education requires a high level of dedication and openness. The students’ voices must be heard loudly and clearly by school leaders all across the nation. School staff, particularly educators, need to find ways to help the students feel empowered enough to speak up and voice their concerns and questions.

According to the Kirwan Institute, African-American students face more unnecessarily harsh discipline, out-of-school suspensions, and expulsions than their white peers. As a direct consequence, these children are indirectly robbed of the opportunity to attend higher education. The formative K-12 years are an integral timeframe for college readiness. Still, inclusivity in education has a long way to go.

#2: Paving the Way to College Success by Dismantling Racial Inequity

Research done by the Center for American Progress showcases that in the years following the Brown v. Board of Education landmark decision, 38,000 African-American educators lost their jobs. The teachers of color cite a lack of respect, difficult working conditions, and unsatisfactory salaries.

Racial inequity affects all people of color, regardless of whether they are a part of the school staff, students, or parents. This unsettling truth must be acknowledged by all school leaders. Sadly, racial stereotypes and biases plague the minds of most white teachers. In turn, this affects their academic achievement levels.

Furthermore, constantly disciplining Black youth won’t guarantee college success. On the contrary, it will stifle the academic journeys of future college students and perpetuate a painful cycle of defeat. Racial inequity must be discussed honestly and openly within the classroom and within the counseling office.

Since representation only matters when it is convenient, school counselors of color are seldom found. The benefits of hiring diverse counselors are immense. To put it shortly, the cultural assets of each African-American student will finally be utilized as a resource for college success. 

To a greater degree, the power of counselors’ personal example can inspire Black youth to do the same and get a college degree. These days, our youth rarely sees anyone within the school who looks just like them, who has been in their shoes, who knows what racial inequity entails, both academically and psychologically.

#3: Expertly Handling the College Application Process

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The success of each Black student can be guaranteed only by demystifying the much-feared college application process. Instead of relying solely on high school counselors to help the kids, you too can lend a hand. Students can now thrive academically regardless of their families’ socio-economic status. The solution? The trailblazing ScholarPrep Nation college access program!

The scholarship and college application processes are both shrouded in a mist of confusion. Most kids and families are unaware of how and when they should get ready for their next academic adventure. Furthermore, this creates anxiety that lowers their chances of college success.

With the expertise of ScholarPrep Nation, school leaders will finally enable disadvantaged students to prepare for college in a stress-free, culturally affirming, and engaging way! The young ones will understand all there is to know about the opportunities that lie ahead without the panic of finding important information when it’s too late.

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