A Note From Our Friend, Jordan


Dear Friends:

When The Village Method began providing youth development and outreach services for middle schoolers, we knew that we had developed a cohort model that would eventually serve high schoolers. Jordan Schanda King was generous enough to provide free access to her online content and curriculum. After running her business for seven years, she has decided to move on and trust us with keeping the service going. Here is a letter from Jordan, in her own words

Seven years ago, my mom and I took on the challenge of creating an organizational system that could help parents and high school students be more prepared for their college journey. We have supported thousands of students to win scholarships and successfully transition into college of their choice. Our High School Organizer, Online Courses, Coaching Intensives, and Resources have been valuable assets for school districts and families throughout the country, and around the world. This work has been deeply rewarding for me and I am forever grateful to the districts, schools, community-based organizations, families, youth, churches, and individuals who have supported us over the years. 

A few years ago, Mark & Mahea Gaskins reached out to me to learn more about ScholarPrep. They are the founders of a thriving nonprofit organization, called The Village Method, which helps children from underserved communities succeed in school. They developed a cohort model that partners with school districts to support students from 3rd grade to and through high school. I fell in love with their passion and the mission of the program and donated ScholarPrep materials and online courses to support their cause. Every year, they returned after having increased the number of students they served and expanding their programming. It was clear that their model of service was successful in reaching and retaining youth and families and this is the sort of program that I believe in. 

As some of you may know, my husband and I recently welcomed our firstborn into the world and many of our priorities have shifted to focus on family. While coronavirus has caused a great strain on many families, school districts, and organizations, I am thankful to have met the Gaskins’ and to support their continued success. Fundamentally, we have made a bet that when youth and families are more organized and aware of the steps to get into college – there will be more success and less debt. The Gaskins’ accepted that challenge and are committed to reaching every student; especially those who tend to fall through the cracks of our education system today

I am excited to share that The Gaskins’ have accepted ownership of ScholarPrep and will be continuing the work that my mom and I started. I will continue to play an active role in the development and transition of the program and am confident that they will take ScholarPrep to the next level. Their network of educational consultants, college recruiters, and a new savvy team of college-aged mentors will prove to be a valuable asset to the continued success. 

As I sign off, I urge you to continue supporting this husband and wife team, as you have my mom and I, to build upon our success. It took a village to build ScholarPrep and it will take a village to continue its growth. Even in the midst of COVID-19 and sheltering in place, I remain hopeful that the best is yet to come. 

With gratitude, 

Jordan Schanda King

We’re honored to take on this tremendous opportunity and expand our service offerings for high schoolers. There is a tremendous amount of work to do and we need all the support possible to reach those who would normally fall in the cracks of our educational system. Stay tuned as we plan to share our vision in an upcoming letter. Until then, keep building!

– Mark & Mahea Gaskins, Founders

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